ACMS offers military grade flooring systems. Our epoxy flooring system is a time tested, proven product that will leave your floors looking beautiful and extremely functional. Our products are impervious to hydrocarbons such as oil and gasoline. The system is resistant against most commercial and industrial chemicals. Our system can withstand heavy traffic, both vehicular and foot. There are many color and design options to help you create just the right look. Contact us to get more information about the most resilient flooring systems on the market. Commercial, residential, industrial or agricultural we have the right product for your application.

Fluid Applied Below Grade Waterproofing

Fluid Applied Roof Coating Systems

Our below grade waterproofing product is a high performance liquid, formulated with virgin synthetic polymers. This combination of high quality raw materials, combined with an environmentally safe low VOC solvent carrier package, and applied by ACMS’s trained and certified applicators guarantees your basement will stay dry, and be free from moisture for many years to come. This system is backed by a full factory warranty.

Fluid Applied Floor Coating Systems

ACMS installs the most technologically advanced liquid applied systems in the industry. From thermoplastics, silicones, PMMA’s to acrylics. We have the right system to seal and create a watertight, seamless and virtually maintenance free roof system. We have several systems that are Energy Star rated and qualify for LEED points and in some cases rebates are offered back to the building owner.